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Troop 77 meets Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm during the school year in the Odd Fellows Hall on Park Avenue (Route 127) in Contoocook, NH.

All wreath sale funds are now due.

Posted by tom.inzinga on Dec 7 2016 - 9:39am

Please provide Mrs. Erhmanntraut or Mr. Rinden with all the proceeds from your sale of wreaths!  Thank you!

Final Kevin M. Eagle Project Work Day!

Posted by tom.inzinga on Dec 7 2016 - 9:38am

Hello Troop 77,

You might be asking yourself, "Kevin, didn't we just get like 2 inches of snow?"  And in response, I say, "Yes... but I still really need your help!"
Some of you know that the DOT required that I remove my project from state property and we did that, but for this coming season, I would still like to have the Nativity Scene on display.  
We will be moving the crushed stone in a wheelbarrow (if you have one it would be a BIG help if you brought it), to the new site, move the disassembled structure to the new site, and assemble the structure at the new site.  
And don't worry, we won't have to dig a hole at the new site :)
If you are so gracious to come, I would recommend winter clothing, because it will be a bit chilly.
So Saturday the 10th, 10 am, St Theresa's Parish, Henniker.
Thanks a lot,
Kevin M.

Wreaths Across America 2016

Posted by tom.inzinga on Nov 29 2016 - 11:24am
Good Morning Wannalancit Leaders!!

As you all know, the holidays are right around the corner! The hustle and bustle of the stores, the gatherings with families, many holiday parties to attend, etc. As we draw closer we tend to sometimes lose site of some of the great things that happen around our communities without even realizing they are happening. That is why we wanted to bring to your attention, a great ceremony that happens every year in our very own District at the NH Veteran's Cemetery in Boscawen.

On Saturday, December 17th starting at 10:30am, the NH Veteran's Cemetery will be participating in the Wreaths Around America ceremony by laying 1,500 Wreaths in conjunction with Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Generous donors have stepped up to ensure that a large section of the cemetery has wreaths at each of the grave sites of our NH Veterans. This is a lot of work so this is where you and your Troop/Crew will be able to assist. There is an opportunity to earn some Community Service hours as well as helping a good cause. The event planner reached out to us in hopes that she could find 25-30 or so Scouts to assist them with presenting the wreaths to the Veterans Families that will be in attendance. Scouts would be covering a smaller section of the cemetery. Here is a map of the area of the cemetery where they are laying the wreaths. This is such a great opportunity and we wanted to share good news of being able to help the NH Blue Star Mothers for this very special cause. 

Here are more details:

Scouts and any volunteers available would be asked to arrive at the NH Veteran's Cemetery at 10:00am on Saturday, December 17th. If you have never been to the cemetery before, here is a map. The organizer of the event will brief all Scouts/Volunteers on what is expected and the flow of the morning beginning at 10:00am. The opening ceremony will begin at 10:30am. After the opening ceremony, wreaths will be delivered to families present at various Veteran grave sites. After the wreath distribution, all are welcomed for a luncheon by where they opening ceremony takes place! So yes, there WILL BE FOOD
Families from not just New Hampshire, but all over the country will be coming to participate. We thought this would be a good opportunity to show Scouts giving back to the community and assisting with this very worthy cause for our Veterans!
Click here for more details about this event. 
If you are able to assist, please email Andrew Murphy or call him at 603-289-5123. This is right around the corner and the organizers want to get an idea of who might be able to assist. Please get back to Andrew ASAP. You can reply to this email as well to notify him of your unit's participation.
Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you!!

Dues and Medical Forms, Please!

Posted by tom.inzinga on Nov 15 2016 - 1:46pm

We are nearing the end of November so please remit your $50 dues to Treasurer - Mrs. Ellsworth or Scoutmaster - Mr. Rinden. 

The medical forms need to be given to Kristen Noble.

Dues are Due!

Posted by tom.inzinga on Nov 3 2016 - 7:48am

Good morning-

As Dan mentioned at the last meeting, it’s time to collect dues again.  Dues are $50 per scout.  You can mail a check, made payable to Troop 77, to me at 390 Thain Road, Hopkinton, NH 03229 or you can give it to me at the weekly meeting.  I am usually there for the first 30-45 minutes of the meeting.  My goal is to collect all of the dues by the end of October.


Jen Ellsworth

Handy List of Requirement Page Numbers for New Boy Scout Handbook (from Bryan on Scouting Blog)

Posted by tom.inzinga on Sep 7 2016 - 7:34am

Volunteer creates handy list of requirement page numbers for 13th Boy Scout Handbook

There’s a lot to love about the 13th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook.

There are the 13 things I listed here, and there are many more that didn’t make my list.

But one bit of feedback the BSA has heard about the Handbook is that the rank requirements section (beginning on page 438) doesn’t include page numbers next to each requirement, as it has in past editions.

To be fair, I’m told that was an intentional step designed to encourage Scouts to actually read the Handbook instead of jumping to a specific page.

Nevertheless, the BSA has heard you. Those page numbers will be included in a future edition.

In the meantime, Bob Gayhart, an enterprising volunteer from Peoria, Ill., has prepared a list of the page numbers for each requirement through First Class.

Check it out in this PDF.

What about Star through Eagle?

Those requirements, including earning merit badges and serving in a position of responsibility, aren’t directly tied to a specific page in the Handbook. That’s why Gayhart didn’t include them.

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